Why Toaster Ovens are Awesome

Toaster oven benefitsA toaster oven is one of the handiest appliances you will every own. If you live in a smaller home or apartment without a lot of storage space for several smaller appliances, among toaster oven benefits is that will easily replace two or three of those.

Other toaster oven benefits is that you can use it to do all of your regular cooking or baking as well as toasting bread, bagels or muffins. Broiling in your big oven will become a thing of the past too when you do all of your broiling with the counter appliance.

A toaster oven gives off much less heat than a regular full-size oven so in the hot summer months or areas with a warmer climate it makes sense to do the same baking in a smaller appliance. They also less electricity, which can be a welcome break on your electric bill if you use it instead of your regular sized oven. Think of the wasted space in a full size oven when you are baking one pan of food. A toaster oven lets you heat just the space needed to do your actual cooking.

“I use my toaster oven to do almost all of my cooking now,” says Sheila Olson of Minneapolis, “once I learned everything I could use it for, I was able to clean out appliances from a bottom cupboard and I have that space for other things.” Once you familiarize yourself with the toaster oven benefits you will be able to use it to replace a counter top toaster, a pizza oven, and the microwave you currently use to reheat leftovers and heat up other foods. Some models even come with a rotisserie feature that your regular oven definitely doesn’t. I’ve found the rotisserie function really helps me follow a variety of health diets.

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Most of the major kitchen appliance manufacturers have a toaster oven on their product list. Black and Decker, Hamilton Beach, and others have attractive affordable models available. Price is one other attraction for owning this handy appliance. A good toaster oven from a well-known manufacturer with a variety of features will only cost you anywhere from less than $100 to $20.0 It won’t be long before you’ll realize it was worth every penny.

Leptin Resistance Kept Me Fat

leptin resistanceAffectionately referred to as the obesity hormone or the fat switch, leptin is more aptly called the starvation hormone and for good reason. In 1994 – 1995 leptin was discovered, and it was found that resistance to and lack of the hormone leptin translates into obesity.

Along with the tremendous growth in obesity as an epidemic, there has been advancement in the science of obesity in an effort to get at the root causes and develop solutions such as medications to manage and control personal weight.

In fact, obesity has grown from 22.9 percent of the US population in 1988 to 34.9 percent in 2011, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This reflects a 34 percent increase in obesity nationwide and it has become obvious in many ways.

Leptin Resistance And No Longer Appetite Suppression

Leptin is directly involved in regulating human metabolism, body weight and appetite. Leptin is a protein created in the fat cells (adipocytes). It travels to the brain and binds to the hypothalamus where the appetite is identified as stimulated or inhibited. The result is either feeling hungry or full, or somewhere in between. The production of leptin results in fluctuations in body weight. The body’s failure to respond to variations in leptin levels is known as leptin resistance and typically results in obesity.

The hefty the individual, the more leptin produced within the body. Even though leptin is tasked with moderating body weight, at some point, among overweight individuals, this function no longer operates effectively. This cycle of failure continues. Given the failure to reign in one’s appetite, the individual continues to gain weight. John Barban build on the original Leptin Diet of the 90’s to develop the Venus Factor program for women.  The Venus Factor Diet is an online ebook and weight loss support community using the leptin diet concept.

Obesity Is Not The Only Outcome

That stubborn weight gain is not only leptin resistant but also causes an unsightly bulging waistline that is not simply the appearance that are the concern. There are medical risks associated with abdominal obesity. Some of the heightened risks follow:

  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Dementia

Leptin resistance is also known to eventually cause insulin resistance. In the long run this has resulted in type II diabetes.